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The Rookies (2019)


Releasing at July 12, 2019 in theaters


The Rookies is action film directed by Alan Yuen, and written by Yun Cheung Kong, Xu Lei and Alan Yuen. The film stars Milla Jovovich, Talu Wang, Sandrine Pinna, Timmy Xu, David Lee McInnis, Meitong Liu and Suet Lam.

Daredevil and extreme sport lover Zhao Feng (Alu Wang) has always lived life on the edge. But when he gets caught up in an illegal trade scheme, he realized he is in way over his head. When he crosses paths with deadly and mysterious Special Agent Bruce (Milla Jovovich), she recruits him into the shadowy Order of the Phantom Knighthood, which is dedicated to fighting evil in all its manifestations. Fleshed out by a scrappy police officer, a scientist and an unemployed doctor, this ragtag outfit becomes the Order’s newest and most unlikely crime-fighting unit.

Director: Alan Yuen

Writers: Yun Cheung Kong, Xu Lei, Alan Yuen

Stars: Milla Jovovich, Talu Wang, Sandrine Pinna, Timmy Xu, David Lee McInnis, Meitong Liu, Suet Lam


Talu Wang►Zhao Feng
Sandrine Pinna►Miao Yan
Milla Jovovich►Bruce
Timmy Xu►Ding Shan
David Lee McInnis►Iron Fist
Meitong Liu►LV
Suet Lam►
Danny Kwok-Kwan Chan►
Zhan Xiao►Xiao feng
Nuo Lu►
Kathy Chow►
Paul Allica►Anton
Brono Bajtala►Security Officer
Pierre Bourdaud►Order Agent
Andrew Lane Cawthon►Iron Fist’s ASsistant
Barret Coates►Soldier
Isaac Fernandez►Agent
Björn Freiberg►Agent On The Train
Temur Mamisashvili►Scientist
Bernadett Ostorhazi►Scarlet
Kyle Paul►Secret agent
David Rayden►Robinson
Nikita Rozenko►Security guard
Franz Rügamer►Scientist / Soldier
Timea Saghy►Newscast
Troy Sandford►Gao’s right hand
David Torok►Gao Hao’s Bodyguard
Mekael Turner►Sexy
Fredrik Yderström►Agent
Balázs Veres►Bodyguard


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