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The Score (2001)


Coming Out at July 13, 2001 in theaters

Action, Crime, Drama

The Score is heist film directed by Frank Oz, and starring Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Angela Bassett and Marlon Brando in his final film role. It was the only time that Brando and De Niro appeared onscreen together. It primiered July 9, 2001 at Baltimore, Maryland.

Career thief Nick Wells (Robert De Niro) is about to mastermind a nearly impossible theft that will require his joining forces with a clever young accomplice (Edward Norton). The unlikely alliance, arranged by Nick’s longtime friend and fence, Max (Marlon Brando), interrupts Nick’s plan to retire from crime and settle down with his fiancée, Diane (Angela Bassett). Worse, it requires that Nick violate his most important rule: Always work alone.

Director: Frank Oz

Writers: Daniel E. Taylor, Kario Salem, Lem Dobbs, Scott Marshall Smith

Stars: Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando, Angela Bassett, Gary Farmer, Paul Soles, Jamie Harrold


Robert De Niro►Nick
Edward Norton►Jack / Brian
Marlon Brando►Max
Angela Bassett►Diane
Gary Farmer►Burt
Paul Soles►Danny
Jamie Harrold►Steven
Serge Houde►Laurent
Jean-René Ouellet►André
Martin Drainville►Jean-Claude
Claude Despins►Albert
Richard Waugh►Sapperstein
Mark Camacho►Sapperstein’s Cousin
Marie-Josée Colburn►Woman in Study
Gavin Svensson►Man in Study
Thinh Truong Nguyen►Tuan
Carlo Essagian►Cop
Christian Tessier►Drunk
Lenie Scoffié►Storekeeper
Bobby Brown►Tony
Maurice Demers►Philippe
Christian Jacques►Guard
Henry Farmer►Guard
Dacky Thermidor►Guard
Gerard Blouin►Guard
Charles V. Doucet►Old Engineer
Pierre Drolet►Worker
Norman Mikeal Berketa►Bureaucrat Official
Eric Hoziel►Ironclad Tech
John Talbot►Janitor
Richard Zeman►Thug
Nick Carasoulis►Thug
Cassandra Wilson►Special Appearance
Mose Allison►Special Appearance
Lisa Marie Blair►Waitress
Bill Haughland►Newscaster
David L. McCallum►Rich Man
Arnold Montey►Rich Man
Lonnie Plaxico►Bassist
Christine Solomon►Graduate
Angelo Tsarouchas►Thug
Andrew W. Walker►Jeff


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