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The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)


“El secreto de sus ojos”

Drama, Mystery, Romance |

The Secret in Their Eyes is a crime drama film directed, co-written, produced and edited by Juan José Campanella, based on the novel La pregunta de sus ojos by Eduardo Sacheri, who also co-wrote the screenplay. The film is a joint production of Argentine and Spanish companies.

Using a nonlinear narrative, the film depicts a judiciary employee and his boss, a law clerk, in 1974, played by Ricardo Darín and Soledad Villamil, as they investigate a rape and murder case, while also following the characters 25 years later reminiscing over the case and unearthing the buried romance between them.

In June 1974, judiciary agent Benjamin Espósito investigates the rape and murder of Liliana Colotto de Morales. Espósito promises her husband Ricardo he will find the killer and give him a life sentence. Espósito is helped by his alcoholic partner Pablo Sandóval and the new department chief Irene Menéndez-Hastings. Romano, Espósito’s rival, accuses two immigrant workers of the murder, which angers Espósito upon discovering that both of them were tortured to obtain a confession.

Espósito finds a lead while watching old photos of Liliana, which Ricardo gave him: many of them featured a man, identified as Isidoro Gómez, staring at her suspiciously. Espósito and Sandóval sneak into Gómez’s mother’s house in Chivilcoy. During the break-in, they find some letters from Gómez to his mother. Sandóval steals them and Espósito finds out after returning to Buenos Aires…

Director: Juan José Campanella

Writers: Eduardo Sacheri (novel & screenplay), Juan José Campanella (screenplay)

Stars: Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Carla Quevedo, Pablo Rago, Javier Godino, Bárbara Palladino, Rudy Romano


Soledad VillamilIrene Menéndez Hastings
Ricardo DarínBenjamín Esposito
Carla QuevedoLiliana Coloto
Pablo RagoRicardo Morales
Javier GodinoIsidoro Gómez
Bárbara PalladinoChica Piropo
Rudy RomanoOrdóñez
Alejandro AbelendaPinche Mariano
Mario AlarcónJuez Fortuna Lacalle
Guillermo FrancellaPablo Sandoval
Sebastián BlancoPinche Tino
Mariano ArgentoRomano
José Luis GioiaBáez – Inspector
Juan José OrtízAgente Cardozo
Kiko CeroneMolinari
Fernando PardoSicora
Maximiliano TrentoGuardia Comisaría
Sergio López SantanaJacinto Cáceres
Elvio DuviniJuan Robles
David Di NapoliEscribano Andretta
Pedro KochdilianBorracho 1
Oscar SánchezBorracho 2
Gabriela DaniellAlejandra Sandoval
Alicia Haydée PennachiMadre Gómez
Darío ValenzuelaCapataz
Carlos MeleViejo Letrina
Iván SosaCustodio Interrogatorio
Judith BuchalterMadre Irene
Héctor La PortaGuardia Civil Ministerio Bienestar Social
Liliana CuomoMargarita
Alejandro PérezMatón

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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