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The Serpent Season 1 Opening on BBC at January 1, 2021


Crime, Drama, Thriller / TV-Series (2021)

The Serpent, a BBC One and Netflix drama, explores the disturbing tale of Charles Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim), a serial killer who preyed on Western travellers on the hippie trail in Southeast Asia in the 1970s. He is said to have killed at least a dozen people, eventually receiving a life sentence in 2003. Also known as The Serpent and The Bikini Killer, Charles gained somewhat of a celebrity status, conducting multiple interviews with the media before being sentenced to life in prison, thus providing French actor Tahar Rahim, 39, with plenty of material on which to base his beguiling performance.

The first episode of the series offers just a glimpse of the atrocities Charles committed. With his serene Québécoise wife Monique (Jenna Coleman) at his side, he smoothly makes the acquaintance of a young Dutch traveller called Wilhelm, who he spots in Hong Kong looking at engagement rings for his girlfriend Helena.

Directors: Hans Herbots, Tom Shankland

Writers: Richard Warlow, Toby Finlay

Stars: Tahar Rahim, Billy Howle, Jenna Coleman, Ellie Bamber, Mathilde Warnier, Grégoire Isvarine, Tim McInnerny, Amesh Edireweera


Tahar Rahim Charles Sobhraj
Billy Howle Herman Knippenberg
Jenna Coleman Marie-Andrée Leclerc
Ellie Bamber Angela Knippenberg
Mathilde Warnier Nadine Gires
Grégoire Isvarine Remi Gires
Tim McInnerny Paul Siemons
Amesh Edireweera Ajay Chowdhury
Apasiri Kulthanan Lawana
William Brand Ambassador van Dongen
Chotika Sintuboonkul Kannika
Kenneth Won Yotin
Fabien Frankel Dominique Renelleau
Adam Rothenberg Gilbert Redland
Ilker Kaleli Vitali Hakim
Chicha Amatayakul Suda Romyen
Ellie de Lange Helena Dekker
Armand Rosbak Willem Bloem
Sahajak Boonthanakit Major General Janthasin
Stacy Martin Juliette Voclain
Alice Englert Teresa Knowlton
Damon Herriman Laver
Cathy Min Jung Phung Chabanol
Teeradech Tisanuruk Poste Restante Manager
Nadhini Sirisinha Mrs. van Dongen
Alma Jodorowsky Stéphane Parry
Lucy Newman-Williams Moira Callaghan
Stuart Bowman Graeme Stanton
Alyy Khan Deputy Superintendent Naranda Nath Tuli
Nicole Beutler Dagmar Boeder
Johan van Assche Otto Boeder
Theerapat Sajakul Lieutenant Colonel Sompol Suthimai
Surasak Chaiyaat Romyen
Raphael Roger Levy Count Michel-Andre Jurion
Pravessh Rana Thapa
Tim McMullan Douglas Cartwright
Katrina Grey Vanessa Knippenberg 
Geoffrey Breton Luc Salomon 
Gigi Velicitat Monsieur Renelleau 
Saana Koivisto Linnea 
Maria Mellblom Madame Renelleau 
Christophe Serge Gerber Jean-Olivier Bellanger 
Bussayarangsri Saringkaphaiboon Pathologist 
James Gerard Jules Dupont 
Megan Gammons Cleo Parry 
Thomas Ryckewaert Jean Huygens 
Eduard Karapetyan Hip Man 
Gabrielle Lazure Mme Parry 
Mariann Schindler Patty 
Bertie Jones Tommy 
Anaïs Stubert Hip Woman 
Charlie Ruedpokanon Captain Chupong 
Darshan Jariwala Laxman 
Pramukh Sethapanpanich Goa Barman 
Jaidev Notay Street Boy 
Tobias Schulze Karl 
Lucan Gillespie Iris May 
Alexandra Merle Erica 
Dasha Nekrasova Connie-Jo Bronzich 
Benjamin Braz Laurent Carrière 
Colin Stinton Bastien 
Ryan O’Donnell Greg Raynott 
Philip Wilson De Groot 
Alicia Grace Jarvis Madhu Sobhraj Aged 2 
Libby Jennings Viola Raynott 
Megan Jeremiah Madhu Sobhraj Aged 6 
Dontri Wannarot Santa Cruz Receptionist 
Julia Ariete German Student 
Ezra Faroque Khan Priest 
Laurence Neveu Madame Renelleau 
Ruby Ashbourne Serkis Celia Wilson 
Nigel Whitmey Newsreader 
Dimitri Jeannest Interpol Officer 
Grégory Matthias Garcia Dejongh
Bern Collaço Cafe Customer
Casey Clark Hippie
Manorma Joisi Family
Mav Kang Hippy
Ulf Pilblad Bar customer


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