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The Underground Railroad Season 1 Opening on Prime Video at May 14, 2021


Drama / TV-Series (2021)

From Barry Jenkins and based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Colson Whitehead, “The Underground Railroad” chronicles Cora Randall’s desperate bid for freedom in the antebellum South. The tv-series follows a young woman named Cora who makes an amazing discovery during her attempt to break free from slavery in the deep south.

After escaping a Georgia plantation for the rumored Underground Railroad, Cora discovers no mere metaphor, but an actual railroad beneath the Southern soil. All episodes streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on May 14, 2021.

Directors: Barry Jenkins

Writers: Allison Davis, Barry Jenkins, Jihan Crowther, Colson Whitehead

Stars: Thuso Mbedu, Chase W. Dillon, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Pierre, Amber Gray, Kraig Dane, Shiquita James, Kylee D. Allen


Thuso Mbedu Cora 
Chase W. Dillon Homer 
Joel Edgerton Ridgeway 
Aaron Pierre Caesar 
Amber Gray Gloria Valentine
Kraig Dane Boseman 
Shiquita James Slave 
Kylee D. Allen Molly 
William Jackson Harper Royal  
Lucius Baston Prideful 
Sheila Atim Mabel 
Peter Mullan Ridgeway Senior
Jeff Pope Connelly 
Trevor David Samson 
Damon Herriman Martin 
Mychal-Bella Bowman Grace 
Lily Rabe Ethel 
Calvin Leon Smith Jasper 
Lucy Faust Fiona 
David Wilson Barnes Jamison 
Marcus Gladney Jr. Ellis 
Will Poulter Sam 
Deja Dee Sybil 
Chukwudi Iwuji Mingo 
Kara Flowers Georgina 
Charity Jordan Annie 
Peter De Jersey John Valentine
Benjamin Walker Terrance Randall
Luray Cooper Jockey 
Ryan James Red 
Owen Harn Chandler 
Monique Grant Agnes 
Sherry Richards Ruth 
Cullen Moss Judge Smith
Donald Elise Watkins Rumsey Brooks
Jon Eyez VF Blacksmith
Sean Bridgers Fletcher 
Jim Klock Tom Hardman
Elizabeth Youman Louisa 
Elgin LeeTennessee Driver
Sasha Morfaw Iris 
Keith Brooks Vevay Teller
Kevin Savage James Fulton
Chris Schmidt Jr. Young Attacker
Gracen Newton 
Andre’ Wortham Heath 
Fred Hechinger Arnold Ridgeway
Darryl Booker Samuel 
Devyn A. Tyler Meg 
Zsane Fleming Lovey 
Megan Boone Miss Lucy
Charlie Talbert Store Clerk
Mikaela Kimani Armstrong YG Cora
Dajour Ashwood Jeremiah 
Denitra Isler Mae 
Sam Malone Moses 
Abigail Achiri Polly 
Irone Singleton Mack 
MK Smith Francis 
Stevie Baggs Jr. Jacob 
Elijah Everett Big Anthony
Troy Anthony Hogan Ollie 
Daniel Profeta Richard  
James Ryan Red 
Harrison White Gus 
Christopher Berry Mr. Fields
John Branch Bald Bartender
Meg Heus Jane 
Pam Smith Lucille 
Trayce Malachi Chester 
T.C. Matherne Albert 
Dorcas Mathers Minerva 
Yuly Mireles Marisol 
Mark Ashworth Mr. Churchill
David Jensen Vevay Townsman
LaChanze Ms Reva
Charmaine Shaw Betty 
Daniel C Smith Jane’s Husband
Nicole Butler Dead Young Woman
Chip Lane Carter 
Frank Oakley III Deacon 
Aubriana Davis Rose 
Scott Poythress Dr. Campbell
Will Beinbrink Dr. Stevens
Justice Leak James Randall
Bri Collins Olivia 
Chloe Minick Ruth Anne
Charles Green Mr. Ford
Tyrin Niles Clem 
Jeremiah Eric Westbrook Hezekiah 
Blaine Kern III John Wallace
Andrea Laing Henrietta 
Brad Sanders Black Proprietor
Ethan Xavier Williams VF Son
David Kallaway Bounty Hunter #1
Christian I. Noble Engineer 
Charles Lawlor Street Vendor
Ritchie Montgomery Rural Bartender
Pat Dortch TN Magistrate
James DuMont Abraham 


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