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The Unholy (2021)


Releasing at April 2, 2021 in theaters


The Unholy is horror film directed by Evan Spiliotopoulos, and written by James Herbert (novel) and Evan Spiliotopoulos. The film stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Cary Elwes, William Sadler, Katie Aselton, Christine Adams, Diogo Morgado and Celeste Oliva.

The film follows Alice, a young hearing-impaired girl who, after a supposed visitation from the Virgin Mary, is inexplicably able to hear, speak and heal the sick. As word spreads and people from near and far flock to witness her miracles, a disgraced journalist (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) hoping to revive his career visits the small New England town to investigate. When terrifying events begin to happen all around, he starts to question if these phenomena are the works of the Virgin Mary or something much more sinister.

Director: Evan Spiliotopoulos

Writers: James Herbert (novel), Evan Spiliotopoulos

Stars: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Cary Elwes, William Sadler, Katie Aselton, Christine Adams, Diogo Morgado, Celeste Oliva


Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Cary ElwesBishop Gyles
William Sadler
Katie AseltonDr. Natalie Gates
Christine AdamsMonica Slade
Diogo MorgadoMonsignor Delgarde
Celeste OlivaLibrarian
Kiara PichardoFaithful #3
Janelle FeigleyPhotographer / Reporter
Marina MazepaMary Elnor
Gisela ChipeSofia Walsh
Bates Wilder
Dustin TuckerDan Walsh
Bill ThorpeFather Prescott
Danny CorboToby Walsh
David Matthew JenkinsSecurity Guard
Nate Luis SilvaPhotographer
Charlie ThurstonNervous Man
Kevin FennessyFaithful #4
Cassidy NealGrace Father
Kevin DaigneaultSecurity Enforcement Officer
Julia BechlerNun
Cricket BrownAlice
Jeff BouffardBansfield Police Officer
Rob LévesqueCity Official
Hannah Jane DoyonWoman #2
Mike WendtBlacksmith
JJ WrightTalk Show Host
Andrea AthanassiouWoman #1
Derek MellorSecurity Guard
Michael StraussMax
Stephen O’Neil MartinAtheist man
Sonny CorboToby Walsh
Eliane BrickSelf – Service Crowd
Alexander M. AkerblomChurch Atendee
Tim EstilozCorrespondent #1
Amber SageChurch Attendee
Mere DavisFaithful #1
Madison LaPlanteTeenage Girl
Jamie Lea BabineauChurch believer
Maximo DuranAudience Member
Ian Dylan HuntPub Local
Catherine HunterCongregation Member
Elbert KimSecurity Guard
Adrian M. MompointCamera Crew


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