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Them Season 1 Opening on Prime Video at April 9, 2021


Drama, Horror, Thriller / TV-Series (2021)

Them is a limited anthology series that explores terror in America. The first season, 1950s-set Covenant centers around a Black family who move from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood during the period known as The Great Migration. The family’s idyllic home becomes ground zero where malevolent forces, next door and otherworldly, threaten to taunt, ravage and destroy them.

A new series coming to Prime Video on April 9, 2021. The Emorys move to Compton, but Palmer Drive isn’t what it seems. From Executive Producers Lena Waithe and Little Marvin.

Creator: Little Marvin

Directors: Nelson Cragg, Craig William Macneill, Ti West, Janicza Bravo, Daniel Stamm

Writers: Little Marvin, Dominic Orlando, Francine Volpe, Christina Ham, David Matthews, Seth Zvi Rosenfeld

Stars: Deborah Ayorinde, Ashley Thomas, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Melody Hurd, Ryan Kwanten, Christopher Heyerdahl, Alison Pill, Abbie Cobb


Deborah Ayorinde Lucky Emory
Ashley Thomas Henry Emory
Shahadi Wright Joseph Ruby Emory 
Melody Hurd Gracie Emory
Ryan Kwanten George Bell
Christopher Heyerdahl Hiram Epps
Alison Pill Betty Wendell
Abbie Cobb Nat Dixon
Sophie Guest Doris
John Patrick Jordan Earl Denton
Derek Phillips Sgt. Bull Wheatley
Jeremiah Birkett
Natalie Britton Dottie
P.J. Byrne Stu Berks
Javier Botet
Nick La Croix Civil Engineer
Regina McKee Redwing Aunt Mary 
Bailey Noble Marlene
Kim Shaw Carol Lynn Denton
Easton Alexeyev Cheersquad #4 
Zack Daly Roger
Pat Healy Marty
Ryan Kennedy Gary
Mia Komsky Dina
Lindsey Kraft Midge
Stacy Lafay Mae 
Barry Livingston Real Estate Commissioner
Malcolm M. Mays Calvin
Peyton Nicole Morton Nancy
Gracen Newton
Paula Jai Parker Hazel
Kari Perdue Janet
Mike Rad Man #1
Dean Rader-Duval
Zakary Risinger Tommy Denton
Anika Noni Rose Ella Mae
Tim Russ The Custodian
Timothy Ware-Hill John Black
Spencer Watson Barry Reed
Percy Hynes White Davis Selby
David Alen Tired Bus Driver
Alicia-Lee Well-Dressed Mother
Brielle Angelique Cheersquad #1
Virginia Asbury Eidolon Woman #2
Erik Aude Farmer
Lisa Banes Esther Haber
Riley Baron Officer Byrne
Max Barsness Dale Pruitt
Ilana Becker Greta
Michael Vincent Berry MAN #2
Sarah Bibbo Cheerleader
Leroy Bieber Eidolon Elder
J. Paul Boehmer James
Roz Browne Dinner Guest
Dominic Burgess
Mickey Cassidy Compton Police
Flor de Maria Chahua Consuela
Justin Claiborne Carlisle Beaumont
Scarlet Cummings White Girl #1
Dale Dickey Woman
Ally Dixon Bus Stop Girl
Kyle Eastman Len
Clinton Roper Elledge Random Comptonite #3
Van Epperson Banker
Yvette Fazio-Delaney Eidolon woman
Tom Fitzpatrick Clerk 
Katie Franqueira White Girl #2
M.J. George Delroy
Atika Greene Dinner Guest #2
Nick Greene Neighborhood Man
Kyle Grossmeyer Jock #2
Melinda Page Hamilton Sara
Sophie Hannah White Girl #6
Michael Harney Otto Haber
Marissa Heart Doris Cheerleader
Megan Hensley Fenna
Summera Howell Cora
Moe Irvin Roland Johnson
Cranston Johnson Grafton
Shaw Jones City Planner
Christine Jung White Girl #7
Jamie H. Jung Costar
Bonita King Dutch Quilter
Sophie Lamzik White Girl #3
Logan Langevin Jock
Simone Leanora Rosalie
Bobbie Lee Jr. Woody
Marissa Madsen Neighborhood Woman
Kyrie Mcalpin Young Ruby Lee
Kristi McKamie Wife #2
Sarah Minnich Maude
Christopher Murray Murray
Katherine Pegova White Girl #12
Devyn Placide Eddie
Daniel Robbins Man in Car
Kelsi Roberts Woman number 1
Urian Ross Disfigured Soldier
Jon Ryckman Sears Deliveryman
Samantha Sherman Marjorie Wallinger
Gene Silvers Elder Luther


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