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U.S. Marshals (1998)


Action, Crime, Thriller

U.S. Marshals is action crime thriller film directed by Stuart Baird. The storyline was conceived from a screenplay written by Roy Huggins and John Pogue. The film is a spin-off to the 1993 motion picture The Fugitive, which in turn was based on the television series of the same name, created by Huggins. The story does not involve the character of Dr. Richard Kimble, portrayed by Harrison Ford in the initial film, but instead the plot centers on United States Deputy Marshal Sam Gerard, once again played by Tommy Lee Jones.

The film follows Gerard and his team as they pursue another fugitive, Mark Sheridan, played by Wesley Snipes, who attempts to escape government officials following an international conspiracy scandal. The film other stars Robert Downey Jr., Joe Pantoliano, Daniel Roebuck, Tom Wood, and LaTanya Richardson, several of whom portrayed Deputy Marshals in the previous film.

Director: Stuart Baird

Writers: Roy Huggins (characters), John Pogue

Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr., Irène Jacob, Joe Pantoliano, Kate Nelligan, LaTanya Richardson Jackson


Tommy Lee Jones►Samuel Gerard
Wesley Snipes►Sheridan
Robert Downey Jr.►Royce
Joe Pantoliano►Renfro
Daniel Roebuck►Biggs
Tom Wood►Newman
LaTanya Richardson Jackson►Cooper
Irène Jacob►Marie
Kate Nelligan►Walsh
Patrick Malahide►Lamb
Rick Snyder►Barrows
Michael Paul Chan►Chen
Johnny Lee Davenport►Deputy Henry
Donald Li►Detective Kim
Marc Vann►Deputy Jackson
Michael Guido►Distracted Driver
Robert Mohler►Young Cop
Richard Lexsee►Fireman
Dado►Female Cop
Karen Vaccaro►Hospital Cashier
David Kersner►Desk Sergeant
Tony Fitzpatrick►Greg Conroy
Donald Gibb►Mike Conroy
Cynthia Baker►Mama Conroy
Susan Hart►Greg’s Girlfriend
Vaitiare Hirshon►Stacia Vela
Don Herion►Detective Caldwell
Len Bajenski►Deputy Hollander
Matt DeCaro►Deputy Stern
Thomas Rosales Jr.►727 Prisoner
James Sie►Vincent Ling
Christian Payton►727 Deputy #5
Steve King►727 Pilot
Tracy Letts►Sheriff Poe
Mark Morettini►Cop #1
Kent Reed►Trooper with Dogs
Ray Toler►Earl
Brenda Pickleman►Martha
Norman Max Maxwell►Roadblock Trooper
Peter Burns►State Trooper Captain
Roy Hytower►Tracker
Ian Barford►Royce’s Guide
Robert Kurcz►Kidnapped Man
Rose Abdoo►Donna
Lorenzo Clemons►Stark
Stephen Cinabro►Undercover Deputy
Cliff Frazier►Minister
Mindy Bell►Deputy Holt
Richard Thomsen►Doorman
Yasen Peyankov►Janitor
Meg Thalken►Saks Saleswoman
Lennox Brown►Man in Green Cap
Varen Black►Network Reporter
Ammar Daraiseh►Drugstore Clerk
Romanos Isaac►Ship’s First Officer
Richard Pickren►Prosecutor
Lynn Wilde►Caldwell’s Wife
Amy D. Jacobson►New York Reporter
Cliff Teinert►Swamp Tracker
Ellen Hearn►Reporter #4
Janet L. Contursi►Chicago Nurse
George J. Hyner Jr.►New York Paramedic #1
Wendell Thomas►New York Paramedic #2
E. Glenn Ward Jr.►Elderly Resident #1
Marie Ware►Elderly Resident #2
Rick LeFevour►Deputy #10
James Fierro►Deputy #6
Michael Braun►727 Co-Pilot
Perry D. Sullivan►727 Navigator
Terry G. Rochford►NTSB Agent
Tony Paris►Newman’s Guide
Eddie J. Fernandez►Detective #1
Rich Wilkie►Detective #2
Rick Edwards►727 Deputy #7
Chick Bernhard►Royce’s Guide
Tressana Alouane►Mike’s Girlfriend
Ralph J. Lucci►Bartender
Louis Young►Reporter #3
David A. Bales►Man in Taxi
Vince DeMentri►Reporter
Chris Bean►Bar Patron
Anthony Boco►Federal Prisoner #7
Spitfire Brown►Cop
Ed Cray►727 Prisoner
Jeff Dlugolecki►Prisoner on plane
David Michael Fordham►727 Prisoner
Reese Foster►Police Officer
Lester Holt►Television News Anchor
Charlie Jett►Accident Witness
Thomas Kosik►Hot Dog Vendor
Terry McIntosh►Extra
George F. Miller►Passenger getting off the Train
Robert Minkoff►Bit
Kevin Mukherji►Ship Foreman
Jon Musgrave►News Cameraman
Robert Osladil►Valet
Dale Resteghini►Guy On Street
Tony Rossi►Doorman
Bruce Spielbauer►Charity Ball Guest
Nick Stellate►Commuter

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