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Young Wallander Season 1 will be on Netflix at September 3, 2020


Crime, Drama, Mystery / TV-Series (2020)

Kurt Wallander (Pålsson) fresh out of police academy witnesses a brutal crime and is pulled into solving it under the wing of superintendent Hemberg (Dillane). Young Wallander is a drama web television series based on the writings of Henning Mankell about fictional Inspector Kurt Wallander. The series premiered on Netflix on September 3, 2020.

Pålsson explained that the pre-imagining made more sense than a straight pre-qual as it allowed for the social commentary which is a strong element of Mankel’s original Wallander.

Creator: Ben Harris

Directors: Ole Endresen, Jens Jonsson

Writers: Ben Harris, Anoo Bhagavan, Jessica Ruston, Ben Schiffer

Stars: Adam Pålsson, Leanne Best, Richard Dillane, Ellise Chappell, Sara Seyed, Yasen Atour, Jordan Adene, Kiza Deen, Alan Emrys, Charles Mnene


Adam Pålsson Kurt Wallander 6 episodes, 2020
Leanne Best Frida Rask 6 episodes, 2020
Richard Dillane Hemberg 6 episodes, 2020
Ellise Chappell Mona 6 episodes, 2020
Sara Seyed Jasmine 6 episodes, 2020
Yasen Atour Reza Al-Rahman 6 episodes, 2020
Jordan Adene Ibra 6 episodes, 2020
Kiza Deen Mariam 6 episodes, 2020
Alan Emrys Gustav Munck 6 episodes, 2020
Charles Mnene Bash 6 episodes, 2020
Jacob Collins-Levy Karl-Axel Munck 5 episodes, 2020
Emmanuel Akinbami Tarik 4 episodes, 2020
Richard Clothier Rickard Lundgren 4 episodes, 2020
Bart Edwards Fredrik 3 episodes, 2020
Elham Ehsas Zemar 3 episodes, 2020
Shaniaz Hama Ali Yara 3 episodes, 2020
Stewart Scudamore Dodo 3 episodes, 2020
Andrew Bicknell Leopold Munck / … 2 episodes, 2020
Samson Cox-Vinell Zain 2 episodes, 2020
Astrid Fox-Sahan Shabana 2 episodes, 2020
Colin Mace Erik Andersen 2 episodes, 2020
Gary Oliver The Commissioner 2 episodes, 2020
Jim Sturgeon Otto Norlen 2 episodes, 2020
James Tratas Marcus 2 episodes, 2020
Lucy Akhurst Birgitta Lundgren 1 episode, 2020
Mihai Arsene Elderly Afghan Man 1 episode, 2020
Jack Bandeira Markus 1 episode, 2020
Joshua Blisset Daniel 1 episode, 2020
Grace Calder Dr. Johansson 1 episode, 2020
Arnas Danusas Leopold’s Personal Assistant 1 episode, 2020
Simon Delaney Nicholas 1 episode, 2020
Waleed Elgadi Sami 1 episode, 2020
Aiste Gramantaite Munck’s Receptionist 1 episode, 2020
Joe Layton Detective Edman 1 episode, 2020
Simonas Mozura Desk Sergeant 1 episode, 2020
Zoha Rahman Aliya 1 episode, 2020
Rimante Valiukaite Ibra Yusuf Amir’s lawyer 1 episode, 2020

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